Game On, Elevate Your Game!

eSports is a very exciting program with so many possibilities! Our aim is to teach youth how to play Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or Minecraft in a team sports environment. They will learn to improve their teamwork, communication, problem solving skills, and sportsmanship. We also incorporate the YMCA values, honesty, caring, respect, responsibility into our lessons. eSports is available at these Y locations: CHASCO Family YMCA, or Twin Lakes Family YMCA.

Open Play

Open play will allow members to use the YMCA eSports equipment to play Rocket League or Minecraft! (Smash Bros. coming soon.) Systems can be played on LAN against each other, grab some friends and sign up for open play today!

Open Play is on Sundays at CHASCO Family YMCA and Twin Lakes Family YMCA from 1-4pm. Spots must be booked for the eSports lab prior to entering.

Team League

The Youth Team Leagues will focus on teaching skills such as communication, teamwork and strategy and applying these skills through Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, and League of Legends!

The league will meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-6:15pm.


Our eSports tournament will start at 2:00pm at Twin Lakes YMCA and CHASCO Family YMCA.

We alternate the location every 2 weeks, so make sure to check the event name to see whether the tournament is at CHASCO Family YMCA (Round Rock) or Twin Lakes Family YMCA (Cedar Park)!

Tournament dates are August 19th (CHASCO), September 2nd (Twin Lakes), September 16th (CHASCO), and September 30th (Twin Lakes)

Homeschool eSports

Welcome to eSports! YMCA eSports takes video gaming to another level with our Alienware gaming systems and our state-of-the-art gaming center through organized competitive gameplay between teams and individuals.

We’ve mixed video gaming and eSports capabilities with learning curriculums rooted in STEM to engage, interact, and educate students in a fun way.

eSports at the Y helps your child….

When kids are active in eSports, their self-esteem grows as they learn how sharp their minds are and they develop the mental skills of the game and self-reliance.

Being a good sport shows respect for others and helps keep the game in perspective. Understanding sportsmanship fosters positive habits – in online and offline sports!

Kids learn the basics of online gaming and refine existing skills under the supervision of caring, skilled, and supportive coaches. Creativity and resilience are key in eSports!

Practicing any sport regularly helps kids learn the importance of discipline, organization, showing self-control, and staying focused. eSports takes dedication like any other sport.

eSports 101

A multi-player video game that is played competitively for spectators.

eSports is a great way to improve communication skills and increase group collaboration. Playing games in a competitive environment requires strategy from all players, and preparing counter strategies will help develop the thought process behind problem solving.

Participants will practice drills, then they will play scrimmage matches against each other. Matches will be reviewed by a coach, who will give them feedback and constructive criticism on their decision making and in game mechanics.

The YMCA provides Alienware computers, keyboards, mice, headsets, and monitors for use at the YMCA facility.

We host camps during the summer and winter, while we also collaborate with some of the local school districts to host an eSports league. Coming soon: enrichment program, private lessons, birthday parties, and more!

No. We ask that they use the accounts provided by the YMCA to ensure a safe and positive environment for all players.

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