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Preschool Purpose & Goals

Preschool at the Y provides a safe, nurturing environment for all children by promoting healthy character development of spirit, mind, and body. We work collaboratively with families, communities, and school districts to ensure that each child receives a consistent set of life skills for success. To meet these goals, our program incorporates the Y’s Core Values (Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility & Faith) as well as the 40 Developmental Assets set forth by the Search Institute and the experiential learning model.

Safe Environment

The health and safety of every child is essential to the Y and our Preschool program. Through carefully selected staff and our established policies, the Y is able to provide an environment that is both nurturing and safe for children.

Character Development

Our goal at Preschool at the Y is to promote healthy character development of spirit, mind, and body for every child that enters our doors. We achieve this with the implementation of our core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith in order to help each child develop the social, emotional, and life skills that will benefit them throughout life.

Personal Environment

In our preschool program, we encourage each child to grow and develop through positive reinforcement and social interactions. Through a variety of activities, we encourage children to discover their interests and develop their passions while also establishing leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Well-Balanced Curriculum

We strive to make every day in Preschool at the Y a magical experience that will benefit kids for the rest of their lives. Our curriculum is designed to provide routine and new daily experiences. In addition to a well-balanced curriculum, we provide a nourishing breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack as part of our program.

Preschool 101

We uphold the heritage, tradition, and values of the Y throughout our program activities. Our events reflect non-denominational, universal beliefs that transcend all cultures. We consistently demonstrate respect and support for all families, appreciating their right to determine and practice their own beliefs.

The Y strives to make each child’s day a magical experience – explore, discover, create new friendships, try new activities along with the traditional favorites. Each of our Y staff is carefully chosen to be positive role models and caring individuals. Every staff working in our program will attend training seminars which includes topics such as: leadership skills, positive discipline, creating excitement, learning new games, safety, CPR and First Aid, Child Abuse Prevention training as well as many others. Our staff is the key to success and to your child’s happiness. Notably, Texas Family and Protective Services license the Preschool at the YMCA. All employees are subject to criminal background checks and drug and alcohol testing. All employees are CPR and First Aid certified and are required to meet the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Minimum Training Standards.

At this time, you need come into our preschool to register your child for our preschool at the Y. If you want to register for our Preschool enrichment classes, you can register for those online once you have enrolled in our Preschool at the Y.
We take children as young as age 8 weeks old up to ages 4 year olds. 
Yes we have M/W/F or T/Th offerings or all 5 days of the week.  

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