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YMCA Certification Offerings

The YMCA of Central Texas supports and encourages safe and effective programming by making available a wide variety of YMCA and national certifications and training opportunities for professionals working to help people live healthier lives. Whether your interest is personal or professional, the YMCA has a safety course to meet your needs!

With so many life-threatening emergencies happening in or around the home, it’s more important than ever to be prepared just in case you’re confronted with a home emergency. Being prepared can avert tragedy and minimize the possibility of injury or even death. The YMCA offers an array of courses designed to help you become prepared for life-threatening emergencies. Be a part of creating a healthier, better prepared community by signing up for one of our emergency preparedness classes.

CPR & First Aid Certification

The YMCA of Central Texas’s CPR & First Aid Certification course will prepare you to recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies. This training teaches individuals and families to act in emergency situations and to recognize and care for life threatening respiratory and cardiac problems, sudden illness, or injuries to infants, children or adults. It also familiarizes the participant with the use and safe operation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). CPR and First Aid classes are taught by a certified American Red Cross instructor and participants will receive a certification good for two years upon successful completion of the course.

Lifeguard Certification

Whether you are looking for a great summer job or career as a professional lifeguard, the YMCA of Central Texas Lifeguard Certification program is the place to begin! Through classroom activities, group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn the skills you need to work as a lifeguard. Our comprehensive Lifeguard Training course includes accident prevention, lifeguarding techniques, emergency systems, and rescue skills. Course will also include CPR for the professional Rescuer with AED, Oxygen Administration and First Aid. Upon successful completion of the course the participant will be certified in:

  1. YMCA Lifeguarding.
  2. CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer.
  3. Basic First Aid and Oxygen Administration

Swim Instructor Certification

Whether you are only in, on and around the water in the summer, or you hit the pool, lake or ocean all year long, knowing how to handle yourself in the water – and help those in need – will make it a safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone. That’s why, year-round swimming and water safety classes are available at aquatic facilities across the country. Our Swim Instructor certification classes will help set the stage for a lifetime of water safety by equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to help you and loved ones swim safely and with confidence.

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