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Youth Sports

Youth sports offers children of all ages the opportunity to experience new sports, practice their skills, and develop new relationships all while learning about teamwork and focusing on sportsmanship. Our fundamentals of teamwork, leadership, and lifeskills are the foundation of our youth sports programs. Through these pillars, the Y is able to help kids and teens develop through our youth sports programs, gaining experience and skills that they will be able to apply to their everyday lives.

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Teamwork is essential to helping kids communicate and work with others. Through the Y's youth sports programs, kids will have the opportunity to work together as part of a team to grow, learn, and achieve common goals.
Leadership isn't just about knowing how to lead others, it's about youth knowing how to lead themselves as well. By taking part in youth sports, kids are able to learn responsibility, self-efficacy, and how to respond to difficult situations with a positive mindset. By learning how to lead themselves, youth can then take those skills to help guide others.
The Y's youth sports program is built on the principle of providing life skills that kids will be able to take with them into the future. These fundamental pillars are the foundation of each of our youth sports programs as we strive to give kids the skills to help them be successful and happy.


Registration for Spring 2023 Sports Season is open Now until February 18th!

Spring 2023 Sports Season will run from March 20th - May 21st!

Why Choose Sports at the Y?

Sports give a healthy outlet to let off stress.
Sports push them to make healthier decisions.
Sports insight goal setting, better determination, and boost self-worth.