Swim Programs

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Participate in individualized stroke clinics or become a part of the YMCA Swim Team as you become a competitive swimmer.

The YMCA Swim Teams & Programs are ideal for those beyond the age for progressive swim classes yet too young for adult classes. Highly trained aquatics instructors work one-on-one with each participant to set personal goals and meet new challenges. This enables participants to progress at their own pace so that they can develop the skills necessary to swim safely for fun and exercise.

Swim Clinics

The YMCA Swim Clinics provide opportunities for swimmers to become students of the sport, learning and growing in a non-competitive, fun environment. The drills and techniques are used by collegiate and pro swimmers, but are just as important for age group and masters swimmers.

If you are like most swimmers, you can always improve your swimming through technique. One of the best means of doing so is attending a swim clinic. A swim clinic offers you a dedicated, focused block of time outside your normal workout schedule where you can focus solely on technique and technique improvement, and ask questions while getting immediate feedback from a coach or expert.

Masters Swim Program

The YMCA Masters Swimming Program offers anyone 18 years of age or older a fun and safe way to improve physical and mental well-being through swimming. Workouts will be designed to develop: Fitness Swimmers, Triathletes, Competitive Swimmers, Open Water/Distance Swimmers.

The newest addition to the competitive aquatic’s family at the YMCA of the Highland Lakes in Burnet is the Bluebonnet Masters Swimming. In just three months, the program has grown from zero to almost twenty adult swimmers, ranging from fitness to competitive, open water and triathlon swimmers. The team is now United States Masters Swimming registered and coached by Jim Cole, a Level Three certified Masters’ Swim Coach.

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Junior Waves

Swimming is the first step to enjoying the wide world of aquatic sports. The YMCA Junior Waves Swim Team is a great program to build a lifetime skill, allows them to be competitive with kids their own age. Builds skills such as team work, self-motivation, and work ethic.

Typically, the summer swim teams is a more relaxed environment than a year-round swim team. Summer swim teams is a good gauge to see if your child is ready for competitive swim. YMCA swim team offers the opportunity for teens to swim year-round and to improve their understanding of, and develop their skills for, the four competitive swim strokes. Through the swim teams, the Y hopes to instill in teens a lifelong interest in aquatics.

The YMCA Junior Waves Swimming Program offers children 4-13 years of age a fun and safe way to improve physical and mental well-being through swimming.

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