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Swimming & Aquatics

The YMCA has been America’s leading swimming instructor for more than 100 years! Swim lessons are essential for kids to become safe around the water as well as to learn how to set and achieve their goals. The YMCA of Central Texas offers swim lessons for all ages, open swimming at outdoor pools (when in season), swim certifications, and swim team, and group water exercise. Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity for children and adults alike, and it’s an easy way to stay physically active and improve strength, flexibility and stamina.

Swimming Safety

YMCA of Central Texas Lightning Policy

When it comes to swimming and water safety, no one is trusted more than the YMCA, America’s Swim Instructor. In fact, group swim instruction was developed by the YMCA in 1906. Here is our lighting policy in regards to our indoor and outdoor pools:
  1. When lightning is within ten miles, suspend all activity in the pool area and evacuate people to the established safe area(s). Guards should clear the entire pool area and lock the entrance. Frequent in-service trainings with lifeguards and staff as well as clear communication with the swimmers will help to achieve this goal.
  2. Resume activities only when safe.
    • Assuming typical storm speeds (20 to 25 mph), you may resume activities in the pool 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder. Lifeguards must be sure to be in appropriate position for surveillance before activities resume. Continue to monitor for additional severe weather.
Water is an excellent conductor of electricity; the structure surrounding a pool, whether outdoor or indoor, may also be conductive. Many victims of lightning are not struck directly but are injured when electric currents transverses the ground or a structure. Swimming pools and their attendant structures are connected to vast conductive networks consisting of underground water pipes, gas lines, telephone and electric cables.