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Personal Training

Personal Tranining

At the Y, we believe it’s important to make the most of your workouts! That’s why at the Y, we offer personal training & group training sessions that help you train for a specific event, tone up, lose weight, or just change your routine. These sessions partner you with a personal trainer, which will allow you to benefit one-on-one at an affordable price. Personal training is a wonderful way to tailor and make workouts perfect for you. Our personal trainers will take into account your personal needs, wants, and possible limitations. Starting a solid workout regimen can be challenging and make you feel fairly alone without proper guidance and tips. A personal trainer can make you feel that your goals are realistic and instead of starting lost and confused, you can be confident with a little guidance that you are well on your way. Our personal trainers have experience with various types of workouts and nutritional tips. They can perfect the workout that is ideal for your body type and focus on areas of improvement you would like to make. If it's just about staying active, personal trainers can give you new tips and practices to freshen up your workout regimen. A personal trainer leads to the improvement and achievement of your personal goals. With support, guidance and a multitude of expertise, a personal trainer makes the journey to health easy, fun, and rewarding. Sign Up For Personal Training, And See The Results! 1. Helps Build Confidence 2. Let an expert identify your weaknesses and strengths 3. A custom-tailored workout that fits your needs 4. Helps you monitor progress and track your goals 5. The support that you need to make a change 6. Make the most of your workouts by working out more effectively Check out our personal training brochures/registration forms below.