FastForward Fitness

FastFoward Fitness

FastForward Fitness is a FREE program that will create a new workout for you each time you visit the Y, keeping things fresh and interesting, while you progress toward meeting your personal goals. It will tell you which pieces of equipment to use, how to set the weights, and how long to rest between sets.

There’s even an online exercise library that shows you how to perform the exercises correctly as well as meal plans and grocery lists! Schedule your appointment with the member service desk today to get started for a better you!

You will begin by meeting with a wellness coach and developing a personalized fitness plan, followed by receiving 2 one week passes for you and your friends.

Activtrax presents a plan that is four to six times more likely to get you to reach your goals. Activtrax also presents a new workout whenever you visit the Y, creating variety and excitement for each and every one of your visits.

We will create a customized plan for you that assesses your strength and creates an individualized nutrition program and fitness plan. We are here to help you at any point if you run into any roadblocks or need a little motivation to succeed. You can also earn Y bucks from this program and use them for another program or service at the Y.

Make sure to prepare correctly for your workout class. First wear loose-fitting clothing, durable shoes like sneakers, and plenty of water. Water is essential to a high energy workout, according to a study on fluid consumption, exercise, and cognitive performance, dehydration can decrease exercise performance and cognitive processes.

Make sure to also eat a light snack before your workout, avoid overeating to avoid nausea or possibly getting sick. The Y asks for a 24-hour notice if you plan on canceling. Contact us today with any inquiries and see the member service desk if you’re interested!