Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes

The Y offers several FREE Group Exercise Classes (for members and day-use facility participants) each week to help you maximize your workout and achieve your fitness goals with the strength of a group. All our group exercise classes are ongoing, so you can start at any time! Check out our latest class schedules for each branch at the bottom of this page or at the Member Services Desk for your branch. Below our classes are broken up by the type of classes we offer. We also offer several Small Group Fitness Classes (water classes included) for an additional fee, please check out our training programs page if interested in those.

Cardio classes are designed to get you moving. Each fitness class will get your heart rate up as each class varies in intensity levels. With numerous health benefits from cardio exercise, like burning calories while strengthening your heart and lungs.

Stationary cycling is great low impact way to improve cardio fitness, reduce body fat, and decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It’s also one of the best ways to beat stress, depression and poor mental health. Indoor cycling can drive serious calorie burn, improve lower body strength and build toned and shapely legs.

At our various strength training classes, you will improve your muscular strength, balance, and enhance your endurance through a series of levels. During these classes, you will use a variety of equipment to help you become stronger.

Flexibility classes at the YMCA will help you develop the flexibility, strength, and balance you have been looking for. Each class will emphasize body alignment, breathing techniques, and core strength.

If you are an Active Older Adult, the YMCA of Central Texas has exactly the type of programs and events that you have been searching for. From fitness to family and community, we have something for everyone to enjoy throughout the year.

Workout without having to worry about adding stress on your joints. You will be able to gain cardiovascular endurance all while building core strength. These classes are ideal for all fitness levels, especially for those who have arthritis or joint pain.