Board of Directors

Theo Watson - Board Chair
Suzanne Abbe
Jazbeen Ahman
Haylee Beard
Tricia Capps
Brandon Chappell
David Collinsworth
Alyssa Deaton
Josh Deaton
Dexter Hall
Stephen Lewis
John Malone
Richard Mason
Lewis Snell
Josh Wucher


  • Michelle C

    Executive Director

  • Virginia S

    Sr Director of Membership and Family Services

  • Khaki D

    Accounting Coordinator

  • Vicki D

    Human Resources Assistant

  • Jack B


  • Evan B

    Aquatics Director

  • Austin C

    Sports & Fitness Director

  • Crystal H

    Childwatch & Fitness Director

  • Curtis H

    Sports Director

  • Olivia G

    Associate Executive Director of Youth Development Services

  • Madison S

    Program Director of YDS

  • Chance G

    Building and Grounds Director