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How does the YMCA Payment Schedule work?

We take the total number of school days in the year and divide that number evenly into ten months, so each month charges for an equal number of days. We average the payment schedule this way so that your bill is consistent. For example, if there are 180 school days in the year, then 180 days are divided into 10 months (August 1st – May 1st). This equals 18 days of service per pay period. Therefore, each monthly payment is covering 18 days of care, instead of the number of school days in that given calendar month. To see our calendars, please click this link.

We bill this way to ensure that your childcare payment is the same each month.

Can I apply for Financial Assistance for YMCA Afterschool Programs?

The YMCA does offer Financial Assistance to families in need. If you would like to apply, you may do so by filling out our Financial Assistance Application. Please be aware that your Financial Assistance Application will take approximately 10 business days to process.

The supporting documents required with your Financial Assistance application are listed within the packet, and they include the YMCA Afterschool Registration Packet.
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