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Draw Your Bow!

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Young Boy Aims At A Target With His Bows And Arrows


With a rich history, archery teaches the irreplaceable skills of precise focus, concentration, and relaxation while building confidence in youth. Archery at the Y presents opportunities for character growth and health improvements in children while emphasizing fun and safety!

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Archery 101

Mark Martinez is a National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) certified archery instructor. He has been the archery instructor/range master at Camp Twin Lakes for 4 years and has participated in the sport of archery for over 30 years.

All equipment will be provided by the YMCA. Equipment will be available at your practice location. If you would like to bring your own equipment, it must meet NASP standards.

In our archery program, we are only able to accept the first 10 participants to register in the younger division and 15 in the older division. Register early to guarantee your spot!