Board of Directors

Bryon Borchers - Board Chair
August Alvarado
Russ Boles
Anne Cano
Joel Coombs
Russell Daniel
Stacie Feller
Ruth Gaul
Cole Korte
L.C. Mayberry*
Kara Pinnelli
Dr. Robbin Ray
Todd Robison
Michelle Smith
Caleb Steed
Monica Story
Matt Teifke
Jeff Yarbrough


  • David S

    Vice President, Operations - East

  • Kolbi A

    Executive Director

  • Terian S

    Sr. Program Director of Fitness

  • Robin F

    Sr. Director of Member Services & Active Older Adults

  • Luke L

    Sr. Program Director of Sports

  • Justin W

    Aquatics Director

  • Jessica S

    ChildWatch Director

  • Taylor N

    Facility Director