Summer Activities Perfect For The Family

a family participating in summer activities

Summer is a time for fun and adventure, and the learning doesn’t have to stop just because school has ended. Summer provides opportunities to get involved in some fun and interesting activities. These activities don’t have to be expensive and you can entertain them for hours with some simple and fun activities. Check out our top summer activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Indoor Activities to Rid Summer Boredom

  • Family Game Night – Get involved in a family game Go out with the family and shop for some different board games you would be interested in. Or pick up some cards and get ready to have a little competition with the family. This lets you spend time and create a little fun.
  • Craft Day – It’s time to get creative and craft it up with your children! It can be such a fun activity for them to get creative and create some easy and fun crafts. It doesn’t have to be too messy with the right preparation. Gathering your supplies, which can be cheap and simple, like glue, fabric, colored paper, or even paper towel rolls.
  • Time For Some Sweets – It’s time to bake some yummy sweets. Baking can be a great way to keep them engaged and teach them something that they will remember and use throughout their life. Be sure to look up some tasty treats, with some being so simple they only need five ingredients.
  • Obstacle Course Adventure – Your home can be made into a makeshift obstacle course for any active child. You can make it safe and fun with various items and furniture around the home. Set up arrows made out of paper and set up different activities they have to pass, like a ring toss, or a jump rope challenge.
  • Movie Theatre- Set up your own movie theater indoors. Complete with snacks, popcorn, and PJs. This can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy some downtime and a movie night. Dress up as a movie attendant to give them a full experience, look for some discount movies online and rent some films to watch.

Fun In The Outdoors

  • Gardening – A garden can add some natural beauty to any home and can be a wonderful activity for the whole family. By starting a garden, you can teach your children a sense of responsibility and how to practice loving and caring for something. A garden can also grow different types of herbs and vegetables that are great for introducing into healthier meals for the family. Get their hands dirty with soil and enjoy some outdoor sunshine by starting a garden.
  • Slip and Slide Fun – It’s time for some fun in the sun. Introduce your own waterpark to keep them occupied and active. Set up some different hose attachments and even buy a little kiddie pool to spend some time in. Introduce your own slip in slide with a simple tarp.
  • Set Up a Tent – Set up a tent outdoors and introduce a camp at night with the family. You can save money on renting a space and instead deck out your back yard to give them the campsite of their dreams. Time for songs, grilled food, and a little bit of stargazing.
  • Chalk it Up – Make your outdoor space colorful and fun with some chalk and a little bit of a concrete canvas. Your children can enjoy getting creative with a bit of chalk. Whether it is to set up some tic tac toe games or even some hopscotch, the possibilities are endless.

At the YMCA of Greater Williamson County, we have endless summer activities for the whole family to enjoy. Our programs are sure to cure summer boredom and get you and the whole family, active, involved, and happy.