Now Offering Afterschool Programs

kids at an afterschool program

The Y is offering afterschool programs to encourage children and offer a place where they can grow and thrive. It can be difficult to choose the right afterschool program. Looking for these key characteristics can be helpful when choosing the right afterschool program.  The Y offers all these characteristics and more to ensure the complete care and encouragement of your child’s development.

How to Choose the Right Afterschool Program

Afterschool programs can provide your child with a safe space, encourage growth emotionally and socially, and provide them with memories and friends to last a lifetime. When looking into afterschool programs you should consider several things.

Safety- Does the location and people managing have safety protocols like emergency programs and trained staff in emergency situations? Does the location have good reviews and seem safe, clean, and organized? Look into what safety measures are in place and how the staff will handle emergency situations.

Education- Does the program offer growth and development opportunities? Children need engaging material to learn and grow. The programs should have the opportunity for educational development. Also, programs that collaborate with the child`s existing school programs are a great way to keep your child engaged and easily transition them to afterschool programs. If a facility can adhere to what they`re learning about already, this will help them grow and better perform in school.

Social Engagement- This is another important component of any well-done afterschool program.  This should be high up on your list to finding the right afterschool programs. Social engagement is vital to building your child’s social skills and being able to recognize emotional cues and build empathy. This also introduces the ability to work in a team and gives them the skills to communicate with others.

Effects of a Successful Afterschool Programs

Afterschool programs can be a great way to develop social skills, ensure your child is safe, that they stay socially engaged, and that they are provided with continued education even after they leave school. With this continued education they can boost their knowledge and performance in school. Also, this encourages intellectual growth improves classroom behavior. These program shave also been shown to reduce drug use due to children having a safe place to stay.

Our Philosophy

Our Y afterschool program is designed in collaboration with your school district. Upholding the values, traditions, and heritage through Y programs. We demonstrate respect and support for all cultures and religions, and thoroughly encourage each child to reach their true potential. We practice and encourage the social growth of your child. At the Y, we promote the healthy development of spirit, mind, and body through our program. Look into how we can provide the perfect afterschool program for your child today.