Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

People in group fitness classes

Fitness is a different journey for every person. Whether you’re a beginner trying to get in shape or a gym regular, working out with others who are looking to achieve the same goals can make the experience more enjoyable and help each person achieve their best results.

Group fitness classes are the perfect option for those looking to surround themselves with a group of like-minded people working towards achieving their fitness goals. No matter your reason for signing up for a class, group fitness classes can offer various benefits to you and your health.

Build Community

Community is essential to our everyday lives. Whether it’s your friend group, coworkers, or workout partners, a good community can help motivate you to be your best. Joining group fitness classes offers the opportunity to establish and build a community every time a class is held. In group fitness classes, you can receive support and guidance from instructors and others working on their fitness journey who want to see you achieve your goals.

Learn Proper Form

Trainers and instructors are one of the best parts of enrolling in group fitness classes. A trained professional will have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals in these settings. These experts plan the workouts for participants and guide them through it, motivating them to do their best along the way.

By attending a group fitness class, participants can enjoy the feedback that comes from having professional guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, having someone around to give feedback on form can make all the difference in getting the best results and avoiding injury.

Find Motivation

Motivation can often be the reason people struggle to reach their goals of achieving a healthier lifestyle. When attending group fitness classes, there is never a lack of motivation. Being around an instructor that will push you and being surrounded by classmates will help motivate you to get better and better.

Sometimes people can feel intimidated when they are new to a class setting. Instead of feeling discouraged about others in the class who may be stronger or more active, use their experience as motivation to help you achieve your goals. Learn from them and remember that everyone started as a beginner at one point.

Stay Accountable

We all know one of the hardest parts of working out is finding getting yourself to the gym. With group fitness classes, there are a handful of fail-safes that help to keep you accountable and working towards your fitness goals. For most classes, a spot has to be reserved, and that often requires a payment.

Depending on the program, if you’d like to cancel, it usually can’t be done on the same day if you want to receive a refund. That means that if you’re thinking about skipping out on a class, you may be losing money.

Being part of a class setting often means the instructors or participants can help you stay accountable. Maybe you have a workout partner you carpool with, your instructor conducts regular check-ins. These are all ways to help keep you accountable, coming to class, and working on your goals.

Add Variety

Repeating the same workout every time can become boring and could actually be hurting your results. By incorporating group fitness classes into your workout routine, you have the opportunity to mix things up and keep exercise fun and exciting. Even if you go to the same type of class each time, there can be different instructors that change up the style and routine of the class to give the workout a little variety.

Find Group Fitness Classes

Whether you’re looking for cardio or strength, there are various group fitness classes to meet everyone’s needs. At the Y, we offer several classes every week to help people achieve their fitness goals. From Dance to water aerobics, yoga to older adult classes, there are group fitness classes for everyone at the Y. Start achieving your goals today and find the class that’s right for you!